About Us

Ron Vanderheyden -

Ron Vanderheyden

Full Throttle Powersports Inc is owned and operated by Ron and Lisa Vanderheyden. Ron's fascination with motorized vehicles dates back to early childhood. His mother once said; "had it not been for Cycle World magazine, Ronnie would have never learned to read". Ron is a former amateur motocross racer, street rider, snowmobiler, PWC rider, and general all around throttle jockey. After graduating from college and masquerading as a white collar professional at a fortune 500 company for 14 years (all the while running a snowmobile shop from his garage), he finally quit to pursue the inevitable. His passion for the sport is eclipsed only by his passion for making FTP the finest and most professional organization of it's kind
Mike Blair - Service Manager

Mike Blair

Service Manager
Mike is our service manager and lead technician. Mike holds a degree from Lincoln Tech. Mike learned his work ethic on the family dairy farm and honed his riding skills like so many of us back in the 1970’s on a Honda ATC. An avid gearhead and sledhead, Mike is also a long time officer in both his local snowmobile club and IASC region 6.
Jeremy Kappes - General Manager

Jeremy Kappes

General Manager
Jeremy handles front end customer service including vehicle sales, parts, and accessories. Jeremy was up on two wheels at the ripe old age of three on a JR50 with no training wheels. Counting bikes, ATV’s, and snowmobiles, he is not sure how many he has owned but is certain its over triple digits.
Rob Basten -

Rob Basten

Rob is a service tech. 2 wheels or 4 Rob grew up hanging on to a set of handlebars just like all the guys here. Rob has a technical degree from the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute.
Helene Trebian -

Helene Trebian

Helene is our book keeper. Helene handles accounts receivable, payable, general book keeping, as well as all the title and registration work. Helene has over 30 year of experience in these areas.
Snickers -


Wal-Mart has their greeters, and we have ours. Ours is much cuter and works cheaper by the hour! While she exhibits all the features of some bizzare Heinz 57 variety mutt, she is a pure bred dog, albiet a lesser known breed. Stop by and guess what she is. Oh, and more than likely you will be persuaded to throw her ball or her rope